Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Toys Toys Toys!!!

I love Christmas and this year was the best so far with the kids. They both got the whole Santa thing and were so excited to go to bed last night it was so fun. Then to have them wake up early and see them get so excited over all the new things Santa brought them is just the best. I put some pics of some of the new toys they got. One thing Justin got was the HUGE hot wheels car T-rex thing. It has a mooter that spins this thing that shoots cars up the T-rex back (this thing is 28inch tall) and the cars land in his mouth. Then you hold a button and it shoots a car at the head and all the cars come flying out. Its shoots them so fast you cant even see them going up. I tried to get a video of it but it looks really bad (my camera is really old) but you get the jest of what it does.

Sky got some super girly things that she is just in love with. She got a fun dress up box with all kinds of things to wear (thanks Mom) and a nursery set for her babies. She loves it when its a high chair so she has been feeding her doll all day.

Hope you all had a great Christmas :)

Sorry the video is sideways I thought I could change it once I got it on the computer but I cant. Don't worrie its short LOL


Kathryn said...

Skyla is such a girlie girl! I love it! It gives me a taste of what I have to look forward to. I think next year will be fun because Josie will probably know what's going on more.

Sarah Junsay said...

Jonah is going to die when he sees that! He'll ask for months to play at Justin's house! Thanks for getting toys that my kids will love too:)