Monday, December 10, 2007


I knew when my kids were born someday they would grow up. One day Mom and Dad wouldn't be so cool. Mom and Dad's opinion wouldn't matter as much as there friends. What Mom and Dad think about there action's wouldn't matter as much as what there friends think of what they did.

I guess I was hoping for this to happen sometime around 8-9 years of age but NNOOOO it has to happen now. OK so here is the story on Justin....

Last night we went up to the temple with The Ormsby family. It was really nice having both of our family's (yes Mick was there too and enjoying him self like never before) together at such a wonderful place. SO as most of you know and some of your kids do too Justin really looks up to Michel and Jarod. SO he trys to keep his cool for the most part and do what ever they are doing (good think there such good boy and set such good examples). So we watch the live nativity then head up to the temple to see the city lights. Some time wile we are up there Justin burns his arm on a light. I mean he got it good, there is a hug red welt and the whole thing blister up really good.

SO he does this and not ONE peep comes out of him. he doesn't cry doesn't even tell any of us he did this. So we leave the temple walk around a bit more then head home (about 35-40min later). We finally get home and Mick goes to help Justin take off his jacket when he starts crying. We ask him whats wrong and he shows us his arm. I just about died when i saw it and asked him what happened. Then after he tells us Mick asked him how come he didn't tell us when he did it and how come he didn't cry when it happened? Justin look sup at him and says "Dad I cant cry in front of my friends when I get hurt doing something dumb" I couldn't help but giggle at that one. So he tells us he knew it was hot and was just looking but lost his balance a little and his arm touched the light. He didn't cry cause he didn't want Michel and Jarod to see him crying and make fun of him (they wouldn't anyways but he was so worried about what they would think if he cryed). I cant believe My 5 year old is so worried about what others think all ready. I knew this day was coming but I don't think I will ever be ready for him to grow up.


Natalie said...

Aw, he's such a little man!

Oh, and Costco was the first place I looked. :(