Friday, May 31, 2013

Oro Loma......AGAIN!!

In kindergarten Skyla was a Recycling star for The Oro Loma poster contest. She won $100.00. It was a pretty cool experience. Then last year in 1st grade, we were surprised by finding out she was a winner again! At the awards dinner we found out her poster won Honorable mention, Sky won $150.00. Pretty cool!
Now in 2nd grade, imagine our surprise (I mean MOJOR surprise) when we found out her poster won again! We just went to the awards dinner to find out where all the kids posters placed. Sky was dressed up and looking cute.

Good thing too, cause at the dinner w Sky was awarded her prize......... 1st PLACE!!!!!!!! SKY WON 1st PLACE!!!!!!!!!!! She was so excited, and her teacher, Mick and I were just as excited and so proud of her. So the prize for 1st..................$700.00!!!!

NO JOKE this kid won $700.00 for a poster drawing! If you click on the link above (Oro Loma) you can see her winning poster on the web site. As of today Sky has spent all but $60 of her prize money. She did really good with it tho. She got a new bike, helmet and bell, a whole new bed set, a new summer wardrobe, alarm clock, and a bunch of new toys. She even took Justin out for Ice cream today :). Not to bad!