Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wizard of OZ

So if you didn't know Skyla is in a play "The Wizard of OZ" its a children's summer play and super cute. The kids were encouraged to go "all out" for their make up, check out my girly (I'm quite proud of my make up skills) :)

The play is super cute too by the way you can still see it, buy your tix at www.stage1theater.com the last 3 shows are this Fri and Sat the 17th and 18th at 8pm and Sunday the 19th at 2:30pm.

After this she is auditioning for "A Christmas Carol" she was actually invited to audition by the producer of the play. She pulled me aside after the last Sunday showing of Wiz of OZ and said Sky has an amazing stage presents and feels she would be amazing for this part in "A Christmas Carol". I'M so excited, the way the lady talked was as if Sky all ready had the part :)

Who knows maybe my girl will have future on the stage or in the theater world. That would be one amazing career especially since she is so in love with it now.


alyssa danielson said...

who was she in the play??? &heck yeah your makeup skills are hecka impressive!!!!
is there any way we can do something? be workout buddies or something?? i miss you a lot:( i'm home til january!

The Rogers said...

Of course we can :) I miss you too.
Sky was a lulaby league munchkin, a poppy, a jitterbug and a Ozian. It was super cute. e-mail or call me.