Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Justin got his


We are so proud of him, he has been working so hard for it. During the summer he was going to 6 classes a week (45 min each, 2 classes a day for 3 days). Now that school is back he goes to 3 classes a week, soon to be 5 because there are 2 Saturday classes now. Best part is he LOVES it and wants to be there. We do have a deal though, school comes first so if he doesn't get his homework done he doesn't go to class. Needless to say homework is getting done right when we get home, with no playing around (I'm kinda liking this hehe).

One thing I loved is during class today Justin had to do his testing for his belt in front of his whole class with only one other kid, our friend Jarod!!

Don't they look so cute in set position ready to go :)

Not the best pic but here they are being given their belts.....

Here is Justin with his Shifu......

Justin is so excited about that belt he has even said he will get up on stage and participate in a demo with his class at a festival this weekend. This is a HUGE step for him, cause Justin has major stage fright. Love seeing all the new self confidence coming out in my little guy :)