Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our new pets

Last Sunday I was really sick so we stayed home from church. Mick being the sweet hubby he is decided he was going to take the kids to the park to play. That way I would get some uninterrupted sleep and hopefully feel better. Well the park just wasn't enough (for Mick) so they took a trip to the pet store, and Here is what they come home with.......

Yep that's right 2 Hermit Crabs. The pet store has a huge section of crabs and Justin has always wanted one. So Mick told Justin he could get one and he picked out the biggest one they had.
Skyla wanted a cat, but Mick had to tell her no on that one. So he showed her the cute painted shell crabs and of course she pick the pinkest girlie-est one she could find.
Their low key low maintenance pets so its not so bad. The kids LOVE them (well Justin does, Sky could really care less) and they are pretty cool to watch.

Two very happy kids what more can you ask for :)