Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine's XOXOX

Last night I was at my book club from about 7-9pm. Boy did I have some busy bee's at home wile I was gone. Mick did some art with the kids and they all YES even Mick made me Valentine's cards. Justin did his all by himself it has lots of cut out heart's and he even took scrap paper and glued them together to make a rose. He did such a good job it was really impressive to see how creative he is becoming. Skyla gave me a cute paper that she drew a pic on and colored, cant tell what it is but hay she is 2 it was still really sweet.Mick made me a WONDERFUL card it made me cry. He wrote such a sweet little paragraph to me and even found a old pic of me and him from about 7 years ago and glued it to the inside. It was so sweet, but he made me promise I wouldn't show it to anyone but he didn't say I couldn't tell you all about it :).I love my family. XOXOXOXOX